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Speech on 10-13-06 at the Round Barn

And a visit to the Fairfield County Fair

There it is.

Dave Benson

Step inside and here's what you see . . .

So cute

1906 construction

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Great-aunt Cory's grand-son.

Too pretty not to take a picture of.

Two school teachers . .

LHS Alumni Booth

Upper left corner, second row, second picture.

Pat Kindler and friend.

The Track


Mount Pleasant









































Carroll C&O Railroad Station, where Grandfather Saylor worked.

Our grandfather's old telegraph key

He died on the job right here.

Martha and Bill.  Exhausted from a day at the Fair.

Family Cemetery

Aunt Trudie

Great-grandmother Hedges

Great-grandfather who built the Round Barn

Cousin Joe

Great-Aunt Margaret

Great-Uncle Ross

Baby Frank who died in infancy

Grandfather Noecker

Grandmother Noecker

All that's left of the original Round Barn


REVISION 10 Last One!!!

(Friday 10AM getting close.)

Hi. I'm JohnNoecker, and I'm the Great Grandson of Joseph E. Hedges, the man who built this round barn in 1906.

This is the first time I remember being inside this barn, and I must say it is quite an engineering marvel, considering when it was built.

I live 700 miles away from here, in Upstate New York, but I can tell you this, from now on my plans will include visiting the Fairfield County Fair and this barn every year.


I have asked my two sisters MaryMirick and SandySchroer to stand up here with me today, in case I happen to say something that's not 100 percent accurate.

If I do, you know what will happen - - they will correct me.

My sisters and I have always been a team, and I do love 'em dearly.


When we were growing up in Columbus, our parents, who were very strict regarding school attendance - would let us cut school only one day per year, and that was a day to come to the Fairfield County Fair.

Then when I was in high school, Dad was transferred to Lancaster, and so I graduated from Lancaster High School, Class of 52. (GO GALES!)

In Lancaster, I also met the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her name was Martha Schriever. This February we'll celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.


Joseph E. Hedges was our great-grandfather on our dad's side.

His wife, Ida, was our great-grandmother.

Stories of Thanksgiving dinners and good times at their farm out in Amanda Township on Rt. 188 have been handed down, and they have become part of our family heritage.

On that farm he built a round barn.

Later, he was asked to build another round barn just like it, here on the fairgrounds.

And for that he was paid $3022.14.

According to my calculations, that would be only about $66,000 in today's dollars.

Id say Fairfield County got a real good buy.


After he died, Great-Grandma Hedges moved to Carroll, and lived across the street from her daughter and husband, who were our grandparents, Maude and Orwell Noecker.

As a small boy I remember visiting Great-Grandma Hedges many times.


Joseph E. and Ida Reber Hedges had three children: Ross, Maude, and then little Frank (who died in infancy).

My Dad's name was Francis Hedges Noecker, and he never wanted anyone to call him "Frank" as a nickname, because of his respect and regard for that little baby, Frank, who lived for only 11 months.

My Dad was the finest man that I have ever known.


So the direct descendants of J E Hedges coming through his daughter, Maude, include my dad, myself, my seven children, and my 15 grandchildren.

Also my sister Mary, and her two sons, 6 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

And my sister Sandy, and her daughter, Stephanie.


Our dad's brother, Carl Blue Noecker, had two children.

And last but certainly not least, is our dad's sister who was our aunt, Gertrude Noecker.


JE Hedges' son was our great-uncle, Ross, and he had one son, Joseph, who had two daughters.


Nearly all of these 45 relatives at some time in their lives have come to the Fairfield County Fair.

Now, of course, we're scattered from coast to coast, which is probably something that would have amazed Great-Grandfather Hedges.


Now, if I may, I'd like to ask the direct descendants and their spouses who are here today, to please stand up and be recognized.

Fairfield County people, especially those around Carroll and Lancaster have been awfully good to us over the years; both as we were growing up, and now as adults.

And we particularly appreciate all the farmers and the farm families of Fairfield County.

You folks are good people.


As a side note, there is a connection here on the Fairgrounds to our mother's side of the family, also.

Some of you may remember her, Elizabeth - or Betty Noecker.

In addition to this round barn, there is also the old Carroll C&O - Chesapeake and Ohio - Railroad station, where our mother's father, Hugh Saylor, was the telegrapher, and he communicated every day using a telegraph key and Morse Code dots and dashes.

Now get this: I'm a Ham Radio Operator, and I communicate every day using a telegraph key and Morse Code dots and dashes.

So sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?


If J E Hedges were still alive today, I believe he would be very pleased that his round barn has been so well preserved for 100 years by the people of the Fairfield County Agricultural Society.

Congratulations to all of you for a very fine job well done!


So - - on behalf of all the descendants of JE Hedges, builder of this historic round barn, I want to thank Dave Benson and the Board of Directors of the Fairfield County Agricultural Society for inviting us to be part of this 100 year celebration.

As Bob Hope would say, "Thanks for the memories."

Its been fun being here with you. God bless you.