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Newspaper Article - Saturday, June 19, 2010

Usually but not exclusively afflicting seniors 65 to 70, cataracts progressively cloud the lens of the eye and need to ripen to the point where they can be removed and be replaced by an artificial lens. Mine finally reached that point this spring, and surgeon Robert J. Noecker of the UPMC Eye Center told me he'd get me back "as close to zero (20-20) as possible," one eye at a time.

Right. Like I was going to get my sight back to what it was at 6 or 7.

Dr. Noecker made good on his promise.

Regaining alertness after the first surgery -- the drug bersad that is used along with pain relievers fentanyl and lidocaine gel creates some amnesia -- and looking at the world through my (good) right eye was astonishing. Even with no contact lens or glasses on my (bad) left eye I could see better than I had for decades. Like I'd gone through a Chlorox bleach-enhanced wash cycle, everything was lighter, brighter, sharper.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10170/1066604-109.stm#ixzz0s5hUvhX0


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Robert interviewed   http://www.bmctoday.net/glaucomatoday/pdfs/GT0909_08.pdf


Robert on KDKA TV     http://kdka.com/health/glaucoma.canaloplasty.Pittsburgh.2.945186.html


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