With husband Joe

Her baby Dillon

Her grown baby Dillon

Alenna & Jordan

Alison & Brother Joe





Brendon & Mom & Dad


B & A

14 years old.



Brendon graduating from Boot Camp

Fall 2014


Landon's Baptism a year ago..

Jordan, Joe, Alison, Josiah, Landon, Samantha, Alanna, Dillon, and Brendon. Christmas 2014


Birthday 47

Alanna 18, Jordan 23, Dillon 16, at a Yankees ball game.



Dillon, age 16.   Just got his permit.   10th grade, and he makes everyone laugh.


Brendon is in his second year with the Marines. He is stationed in DC and he goes all over the world if there's a chemical, biological or nuclear disaster...he is 20 and I am so proud of him....



She is spending six months in Australia she will be back in March she graduated a year early so she could go overseas and do some service work.


He just served five years in the Army. He is married and I have. Two year old grandson Landon




Alison was a little 7 year old girl when we got her from VietNam in 1974, with the help of the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.


She has made us very very proud of her.